Mortgage Process

I Like Mortgage Puzzles

In the past month, I have received 3 First Home Buyer referrals from a mortgage officer at a small savings bank. Over the years, he has referredreferral numerous bank customers to me when the applicant’s situation didn’t quite fit the bank’s mortgage parameters. Rather than just saying “no” to his customers, we have worked together to preserve the bank’s small town reputation by offering alternative mortgage solutions that really work.

During our last conversation, the loan officer apologized for only referring the tougher transactions to me. He hoped I understood why he couldn’t send me some easier ones. My answer was “Yes! I like Puzzles!”I told him I was flattered that the bank thought so much of my experience, empathy and resources as to share his customers with me for help. “I don’t mind being challenged,” I told him.

house puzzleEvery mortgage application is a puzzle. My clients are real people, with real concerns and busy lives. They need help putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I focus on finding those solutions. And when the pieces do come together to form a pretty picture, they are happy and I get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing I did a good job.

Mortgage Approved

I think one of the best compliments you can give someone is a problem; that just means they think enough of you to help them solve it.